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Consignment Request Form

Occasionally, The Reeded Edge accepts items on a consignment basis. Generally speaking, these would be higher-value items (minimum value $1000.00, please) that are somewhat unique or esoteric in nature.

If you believe that you have a piece that fits the above description, we would love to hear from you. Otherwise,  PLEASE OFFER US ANY OF YOUR OTHER MATERIAL FOR OUTRIGHT PURCHASE. We purchase millions of dollars worth of coins and collectibles every year from people just like you.

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In the following section, please provide information about the items you wish to consign. The first block on each line allows for a detailed description of the item which may be used in the listing. The second block is where you will enter the sale price you are seeking for your item. The last three blocks are supplied if you would like to attach images of the item which may be used in your listing.

If you have more than three items that you wish to consign or more than nine images to attach, please use your back button, reset the form (if necessary), and use the form again.




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Item 3
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By consigning coins and/or collectibles, you, the consignor agree to the following:

  1. The Reeded Edge has exclusive rights to sell your item(s) for 30 days from the date that we receive your item(s) which will be documented via email confirmations.
  2. Consignor will not otherwise pledge, hypothecate, or sell item(s) elsewhere until the expiration of this agreement.
  3. Consignor guarantees all item(s) are authentic.
  4. Consignor guarantees all item(s) are described accurately and to the best of the consignor's ability.
  5. The Reeded Edge reserves the right to refuse any item(s) for any reason.
  6. Upon successful sale of consignor's item(s), the consignor agrees to pay The Reeded Edge the following commission based upon each item's sale price.
    For an item that sells between $1,000.01-$5,000- selling commission due is 10%
    For the portion of the sale price between $5,000.01-$10,000- selling commission due is 8%
    For the portion of the sale price over $10,000- commission due is 5%
  7. Consignor agrees to reimburse The Reeded Edge for any additional administrative fees, including but not limited to credit card processing fees, packaging, and handling.
  8. Consignor agrees to abide and honor The Reeded Edge's terms and conditions.



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