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1854-S $10.00 LIBERTY GOLD, NGC MS-60
1859-S $2.50 LIBERTY GOLD PCGS MS-65
1908 $10.00 INDIAN GOLD, W/ MOTTO, PCGS MS-65

The Reeded Edge Heads to The Raleigh Money Expo

July 16, 2014 - Rob and Robbie will be heading to beautiful Raleigh North Carolina this week for The 41st Raleigh Money Expo presented by The Raleigh Coin Club. In our five years of setting up at this fine venue, we have made more than a few friends and bought and sold over 1 million dollars of rare coins, currency and collectibles. Raleigh is a mecca for southern collectors, a fact borne out by the strong regular attendance of this show. The North Carolina State Fairgrounds near North Carolina State University serve as a wonderful location for the bourse activity. Centrally located, easily accessible and with plenty of parking, there is simply no reason for anybody to avoid this show. Factor in a great mix of dealers from half a dozen different states, and you have the potential for a super coin show. It's one that our guys always look forward to. Of course, The Reeded Edge will be an epicenter for selling your coins, currency of high-end collectibles. Our open checkbook policy will be in full force, and cash will be available for any deals of significance. Just look for the giant BUYING, BUYING, BUYING sign visible form all vantage points on the bourse floor. If you're going to be in the Raleigh area, stop by the fairgrounds and say hello. Rob and Robbie are heading into Raleigh serious about doing two-way business, and they would love to see you at the show.

Lost Coin From the Baltimore Coin Show

July 8, 2014 - The Reeded Edge lost a 1927-S Buffalo Nickel, PCGS MS-64, #3962.64/30179690 at last week's Whitman Baltimore Coin Show. The coin is a golden white with nice luster and relatively clean surfaces. Originally purchased out of the Heritage June Long Beach auction, this piece is well archived, complete with high resolution photographs. It has a few very distinctive markings, and would be easy to identify in or out of its original holder. A "no questions asked" reward is being offered for its return. Any help from our customers or fellow dealers in recovering this coin is greatly appreciated.

Whitman Baltimore Show Closes Out June in Style!

Record Sales Demonstrate Strength of the Summer Coin Market

July 1, 2014 - How often do you hear us say that a non-ANA summer show "rocked"? The short answer is not often, because most summer coin shows suck. However, The Whitman Baltimore Show was a welcomed exception. It was not just good show for a summer show; it was a good show-period. Check that, it was a GREAT show! Rob and Robbie reported record figures for a June Baltimore, both buying and selling. In all, over half a million dollars of bourse business was transacted. Both wholesale and retail was strong throughout the week with no let-up whatsoever. From the time that the guys got into Charm City on Tuesday night until the closing bell on Saturday, The Reeded Edge remained one of the busiest coin firms at the show. With the unusual level of early summer activity, Rob and Robbie have high expectations for August's upcoming ANA World's Fair of Money. Annandale and Raleigh will round out July, and hopefully continue the busy summer trend.

The Reeded Edge still NEEDS TO BUY YOUR RARE COINS! Rob and Robbie continue their open checkbook policy, and welcome the opportunity to offer on fresh coin deals. Few dealers in the country are more serious about buying coins throughout these hot summer months than The Reeded Edge. So go ahead and get your offers, then make The Reeded Edge your last call. Once you talk to Rob or Robbie, we think you'll be shipping your coins to Cumberland, MD. Whether you're looking to buy or sell PCGS or NGC graded coins, raw coins, gold/silver, collectible currency or ANY other higher-value collectibles, The Reeded Edge is your one-stop source. We're serious about earning your business, and it shows!

Please take a look at many of the recent coins added to our web store. Continue to be on the lookout for a lot of new items throughout these summer months, both in our upcoming mailers and here on the webstore. And if you don't presently receive our mailers, please sign up HERE; it's how you can get a first shot on all of our new purchases before they get listed on our webstore, eBay or Collector's Corner.

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Approval Service Available to Reeded Edge Customers

April 7, 2014 - As you peruse our webstore, you may notice ON HOLD next to the listing of a particular coin. This, amongst other things, could indicate that the coin is out ON APPROVAL to one of our customers. This allows the customer to examine the coin before making payment. For our well established clients, approvals are a preferred way of conducting business. For those not familiar with an approval service, here is how it works: The first step is to build a business relationship with us or any other recognized rare coin firm. If your previous business is with other firms, we ask you to provide three different credit references of dealers that have extended you credit in the immediate past. If your business is in-house, we will evaluate the nature, frequency and dollar amount of your business, and make a credit decision accordingly. Once established, you may use this privilege indefinitely. This gives you the ability to get the coin in-hand, examine it in the privacy of your own home and/or office for 24 hours, and then make your buying decision. This is a great option, and one that MANY of our regular customers take advantage of. Please also note, our approval service is not just for coins. It extends to any item on the webstore with a retail value of $1000.00 or more, including currency, vintage toys, political items, documents & autographs, exonumia and stamps. Please call our offices @ 301-724-0400, Rob on his cell @ 240-422-0118 or Robbie on his cell @ 301-876-1332 to discuss this service further.

Selling your Coins Online

Selling coins online has been a hot topic lately. There are many coin dealers in cyberspace, various regional phone books, and perhaps even in your home town. So, who do you choose when you have rare coins for sale? This is a complex question with no easy answer, but there are some rules that you absolutely should employ when making this important decision. Perhaps most importantly, who is your prospective dealer and what is his/her credentials? Trade associations, full transparency and strong financial references are all important criteria when making this decision. Look for membership in organizations like the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) to name two of the more important trade groups. Everybody who is anybody in the coin business (or any other business for that matter) has a strong web presence in today's day and age. Look for a well developed webstore with an extensive inventory and longevity. All are very important indicators of financial strength and stability. Go to the store's About Me page, and look for additional information on the company and their principals. If this information is hidden or cryptic, you have to ask yourself why. Finally arm yourself with resources. Although there is a LOT of great information online, getting it in a consolidated and concise, usable format can prove very challenging. Here is where a couple of great, time-tested books can be invaluable to you. The Guide Book of United States Coins, or Redbook has been the hobby's standard retail pricing guide since 1947. It is used today as much as ever by collectors around the world. But perhaps your most important single aid in helping you sell your coins for true wholesale prices is The Handbook of United States Coins or Bluebook. Neither of these publications will appear free on a Google search, although both offer online versions for sale.

Whether you are selling gold, silver, rare coins or any other collectible online, you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence. Rare coin dealers are not all the same. Applying some fundamental rules and good common sense to your selling decision can make the experience both pleasant and profitable. Why would you want it any other way?

The Year in Coins - A Personal Perspective

By Rob Lehmann

December 26, 2013 - In retrospect, this has been an interesting year for the rare coin market. Metals, which dominated the conversation in 2012, were for the most part bearish this year. The additional play money created by gains realized in gold and silver was largely a non-factor in 2013. But despite this, the coin market overall, had a good year. This might have been due to the perceived improvement in the economy, the stabilization of the dollar and gains made in a rapidly rising stock market. Additionally, when feel-good areas like housing starts and retirement savings are on the rise, there is a certain confidence about diversifying some income into hobbies and alternative investments.

Two words that could characterize this year's coin market are healthy and selective, with rising prices in some areas and stabile prices in most others. In general, series that might pique a collector's interest, such as U.S. Type Coins, scarce and rare date gold and key-dates performed quite well. Conversely, generic coins, such as common-date Morgan and Peace Dollars, stagnated. Caveats evident were price sensitivity and the importance of quality. A coin that was perceived as 10% too expensive could sit for months in a dealer's inventory whereas a similar counterpart priced at the market levels would generally find an instant home.

Liquidity factors also pertained to quality. Numismatic auctions provided a good example of this. In many instances, two of the same coin, in the same grade, certified by an identical grading service, would appear simultaneously in a specific sale. Using an example of two 1884-S Morgan Dollars, both of which were graded AU-58 by PCGS, the first, an average quality piece, or acceptable for the grade, sold for $1250.00; the second, which was viewed by potential buyers as high-end, or premium quality for the assigned grade, sold for $3000.00. Although this comparison might seem extreme, similar scenarios played themselves out at virtually every coin auction. This mind-set also spilled over to the bourse floors of coin shows, where similar transactions occurred via private treaty. The rule of thumb seemed to be, if you had a nice coin, everybody wanted it. Understanding this, and how to make the distinction between ordinary and exceptional, was integral to succeeding in a numismatic marketplace that could prove otherwise challenging. But for those in the hobby that got it, 2013 offered numerous opportunities to prosper. Given the market's current momentum and direction, there is no sign that any of these driving forces should change in the upcoming year.

The Reeded Edge Launches our 3rd Annual Toys for Kids Day with The Salvation Army

December 23, 2013 - This has been a successful year for our company. All of the hard work, both here in the office and on the road, paid dividends with record sales figures. But, it is sometimes easy to get caught up in these personal successes, and forget that there are many amongst us that are far less fortunate. The holidays provide us with the opportunity to give a little something back. The Reeded Edge, once again this year, teamed up with The Salvation Army to sponsor our annual Christmas toy drive. December 12th's event allowed us to play Santa, handing out wrapped toys to over 40 local grade-school children. The looks on their faces said it all! Perhaps, some of you reading this will be able to help somebody less fortunate this holiday season, as well; from our standpoint, there is no greater reward.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


July 5th, 2013 - Yesterday, I was pondering the fact that our country turned 237 years old. The United States is the oldest westernized democracy in modern history. We are an enigma in many ways, but perhaps the most poignant thing that resonated with me was the fact that we are getting stronger with age. In our younger years, we were constantly challenged. Through history we have had to continue to fight and defend our position, proving time and time again that we were worthy of our status in the world pecking order.

Thirty six years ago, I conceived the idea of The Reeded Edge. We were going to be a coin dealer that catered to servicing local customers through trade shows one or two weekends per month. It didn't take long for me to figure out that with hard work and persistence, that there just might be a career potential with this business. But figuring something out and actually taking action are two different matters entirely. It took me another 12 years to make the commitment, and take The Reeded Edge into a full time venture. Since then, we too have had our challenges. But despite them (or perhaps, because of them), we have emerged stronger and better to become the company that you know today. To a great extent, the addition of Ray Hunt 12 years ago and Robbie Jenkins 7 years ago, have allowed for that growth. By taking us to the next step, from a technological and numismatic standpoint, we are now able to do things and service our customers in a way that we could not have done in our early years. Like our great nation, I would like to believe that we are on an upward path, solidifying our position in the numismatic arena.

July 4th made me realize that we as a nation have much to be thankful for, and we are lucky in so many ways. My business is no different. In fact, any organization is only as good as the sum total of its parts, and those parts are their people. I like to believe that I remind Ray and Robbie how important they are to our operation on a regular basis. You, our customers, comprise the other part of this group, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, support and patronage. Without you, we could not be where we are today, a fact I never forget or take lightly.  

To all, a Happy Fourth of July holiday and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rob Lehmann
The Reeded Edge, Inc.



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