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Cyber Monday Sale!

Store-wide Discounts Highlight 2015 Holiday Season

November 30, 2015 - Cyber Monday is quickly becoming the online version of Black Friday. Each year, more consumers look to e-commerce to source their holiday needs. Shopping has never been more convenient. With a few clicks from a home computer, smart phone or tablet, items can be on their way to global destinations almost instantly. With an online presence dating back to 1997, nobody understands this evolution any better than The Reeded Edge. In observance of Cyber Monday, we are featuring store-wide sales. The discounts on literally thousands of coins and collectibles are tremendous. Take a few minutes and peruse the entire store for unprecedented savings. There are few, if any, areas of our store unaffected by our price reductions.. Why buy another pair of socks, gloves or a winter scarf when you can buy quality coins and collectibles for unbelievable prices? For the hobbyist on your holiday gift-giving list (or, perhaps yourself), here is your opportunity.

A HUGE selection of certified coins will be marked down to true wholesale prices. In some instances, coins are being sold at under our original cost. Never before have we offered certified coins to our customers at these ridiculously low prices!

But hold on, it gets even better! In addition, The Reeded Edge will also be deeply discounting SIX additional areas of the webstore. These are some of the most drastic price cuts EVER on a whole spectrum of great collectibles. All discounts will automatically be applied at checkout; it is as easy as selecting an item, adding it to your cart and placing your order with either VISA, Master Card, Discover or Pay Pal The Cyber Monday door buster discounts are as follows:

Terms for Cyber Monday SALE:


1) All sale items are available through 11:59 PM, Monday November 30th ONLY.
2) Everything is a one of a kind. No rain checks or back orders.
3) Discount coupons, Make an Offer and promotional codes do not apply. These Cyber Monday Sale prices are NET, meaning no further discounts are available.
4) Discounts are for in-stock, regular priced webstore items only. In the case of sale items or container items (such as generic U.S. gold coins), no further discounts will apply.
5) All other normal terms and conditions apply.

Even throughout the holiday season, we will continually have new items making their way onto the New Store Items section of the webstore. Included will be lots of new collector coins just back from grading at PCGS. Keep checking back at, as you will be seeing continual changes to our inventory.  

Next up for The Reeded Edge will be The Houston Money Show of the Southwest. Located at the George Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, this is the last major national coin show of the year. Rob Lehmann will be representing us from Thursday, December 3rd through Saturday, December 5th. Rob will have thousands of U.S. coins with him, including the bulk of our certified inventory. This is always a solid show, both from a buying and selling perspective.  We will be located at our usual spot, TABLE H on the immediate left at the front entrance of the bourse floor. Look for the large "BUYING, BUYING BUYING" sign, and Rob should not be far behind.

This week will start yet another new chapter with The Reeded Edge. In our continuing effort to target and define our audience, we have turned to an advertising campaign with Coin World. We feel their demographic is much better suited to the type of collector that we need under our umbrella. In other words, their appeal is numismatic and specific versus Google (or other search engines, for that matter), which is broad and vague. Be looking for our regular Coin World ads starting in the December monthly issue, and appearing in every monthly issue thereafter. This, by the way, is new for us and it's not. As many of you know, we were a consistent advertiser in Coin World for a long time, but not within the last decade. All of that is about to change, and we are really excited about exploring this renewed avenue.

All of us at The Reeded Edge wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season. We hope that you enjoy your holiday, and thank you for your continued support throughout this year; we greatly appreciate it!

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Despite Weak Metals, Baltimore Rocks!

Conflicting Reports of Show Characterize Uncertainty in Marketplace

November 10, 2015 - We heard a number of different exhibitor reports regarding last week's Baltimore Coin Show including those that were downright pessimistic, not just about the coin show but the market direction in general. We have to wonder if any of these dealers were drinking out of the same well that we were. Granted, gold and silver did little to cooperate. But remember, this was a coin show, not a bullion trading center; those who came to Baltimore with hopes of making the show work by virtue of trading precious metals were summarily disappointed. However, if expectations were centered around trading collector coins with like-minded individuals, then there was plenty of business to be done. At the end of the show, both Rob and Robbie agreed that the dealers that we hold in the high regard all reported a good show, with a few even calling Baltimore terrific. Let's momentarily digress, and discuss the general state of metals. We are, simply stated, in a bear cycle, and we at The Reeded Edge do not believe that this will change anytime soon. Domestic news has been good. The job reports indicate favorable growth as does consumer confidence. The dollar is very strong on the international currency markets, and with the challenges both in the Euro zone and China, we predict the dollar's sustained strength. This fundamental rule should never escape the bullion investor, and that is precious metals thrive on uncertainty. Equally as important is that lower trading levels represent opportunity. But, this conversation is for another time. So, here we are in the midst of a bearish metals cycle trying to trade rare coins. We have spent much time in previous weeks evaluating and prognosticating the coin market, so today we will take a little different approach and share some insight in how to not only weather present market factors, but prosper through them. The first observation, and perhaps the most important underlying factor driving the numismatic market is that there are many active collectors in the marketplace and they desire collectible coins perhaps more so than ever in recent memory. Now, if only it were just that simple. Price has become a huge factor, as this market is extremely sensitive in that direction. Some of the same dealers who are complaining about current market conditions are also the ones that preface every sale opportunity with, "I paid this much for this coin, and therefore....." Who cares! What a dealer did or didn't pay for a coin has no bearing whatsoever on what it is worth in today's market. Those dealers who limited themselves to this mind-set did little business at Baltimore, and in the bigger picture, are dying a slow, painful death. They are becoming this market's collateral damage, and nowhere was this more apparent than at last week's Baltimore Coin Show. The second takeaway from Baltimore was that low-end coins were extremely difficult to sell, irrespective of price. Finally, there were certain coins that sat and languished in almost every dealer's case, and these were the coins that you simply did not want to own, at almost any number. The collector is king right now and can afford to be discerning. There are still too many disconnected dealers vying for their business, and they know it. But, for the dealer who caters to this collector, and inventories the right coins at today's prices, there is plenty of business to do. Both Rob and Robbie continually made this observation throughout the duration of Baltimore. The dynamics of the show itself were a little different for the guys. Baltimore typically is a front-loaded show, meaning most of the business occurs early. This was not the case  this time around. The first day saw purchases outpace sales by a ratio of almost five to one. The second day, sales increased three fold, and finally, on Saturday, a day usually reserved for some occasional retail with little or no wholesale, the guys mustered over $100,000 in sales. In all, The Reeded Edge did over $300,00.00 of combined business, in a show that we can only describe as extremely active. There was no time for sitting on our laurels; whether we were buying, selling trading or grading coins, Baltimore maintained the fast and frenzied pace that we have become accustomed to. Judging from our associates reports, especially fellow dealers that we hold in high esteem, the show offered great opportunities. Really, that is all that any of us can ask for.

For the next several weeks, the guys will be in the office trying to play catch up from their October-November frenzied coin show schedule. We will take several breaks to hit the road and canvas coin shops, walk a few smaller shows and visit several friends who have been amassing coins for us over the last several months. Expect to see the typical onslaught of new material cycling through the office. A coin show hiatus does not translate to dormancy, at least not for us. Please keep an eye on our New Store Items, as we should have many new coins appearing over the next several weeks.

As we enter the holiday season, we at The Reeded Edge want to wish you and your families all the best. A special thanks goes out to each and every one of you that have helped The Reeded Edge make 2015 a banner year in a less-than-perfect marketplace. We have several changes on the horizon for 2016, which will be discussed in detail over the next couple of weeks. The one assurance that we make you is that we will continue to focus on great collector coins fairly priced for today's market conditions. Opportunity continues to knock, and we feel confident that will be the case moving forward into the new year.

VNA Show Provides a Dose of Southern Comfort

Fresh Coins Abound - 4 Days of Steady Activity

Sept 29, 2015 - While the dealers at The Virginia Numismatic Association's Annual Convention were fighting over a fresh bullion deal that entered the show on Saturday afternoon, Rob and Robbie manned their table and bought numismatic treasures in both quantity and quality unmatched since the ANA. Rob summed it up best, "We could have got in the middle of the bloodbath and tried to squeeze a 1-2% profit on bullion or stayed at our table and serviced the abundant dealer and customer business. By choosing the latter, we bought several rolls of original choice coins put back in the 1920's, a high-denomination currency deal, a small silver dollar collection and a certified silver eagle set. Meanwhile, the dealers who were fighting over the silver deal ended up paying the last dollar for junk silver only to have silver open down over 50 cents on Monday's market, eroding any profit that they could have possibly eked out. So in retrospect, how did we do?" Both Rob and Robbie have contended for sometime that the challenges posed by the current market environment can only be offset by working smart. The phenomena that we observed last weekend is a perfect example of dealers trying to buy the sure thing for too much money, while ignoring the real potential that the show presented. Consequently, where many of the dealers were reporting only a fair show in Fredericksburg, we had a barn burner. This week, you will see many new coins going up on our webstore, due largely to our extensive purchasing at VNA. Coming on the heels of successful Gettysburg and Long Beach venues, Fredericksburg certainly instilled a dose of optimism as we enter the fall coin show season.

This week, Rob and Robbie travel to the heart of ACC country for the North Carolina Numismatic Association Convention in Greensboro, NC. Commencing October 1st and concluding October 4th, this venue is located at the famous Greensboro Coliseum Complex, and draws a great mix of both southern dealers and collectors. North Carolina shows tend to have that special good feel to them, so we maintain a positive outlook for this weekend. Dealer set-up begins on Thursday afternoon, while the public is admitted Friday through Sunday. Rob and Robbie will be at their regular front left entrance location. Just look for The Reeded Edge's famous BUYING BUYING BUYING signs plainly visible from all vantage points in the room. They will be debuting hundreds of new certified coins purchased in Fredericksburg and Long Beach. Of course, the guys will also be buying all fresh numismatic material. Whether it's a single item of value or an entire collection, The Reeded Edge's open checkbook policy will be in full effect. Greensboro is a quaint city with a rich history. Hopefully, this beautiful area will lure you to this week's coin show; if so, please stop by Rob and Robbie's table and say hello!


Excellent ANA Show Exceeds Expectations

Mixed Reviews as Some Dealers Still Trying to Figure out Market

Aug. 18, 2015 - The ANA's World's Fair of Money continues to be the barometer to measure the coin market. Our impression after 10 days in Chicago is that the market is not only healthy, but in certain regards, on fire. But not everyone at The Donald Stephens Convention Center shared out opinion. Yes, there certainly are parameters to negotiate the waters of the current coin market. Collector coins still reign king. Generics are still languishing. The market is also extremely price sensitive. A few dollars one way or the other can make all of the difference between making a sale and coming up empty. Premiums can be realized for the right coins, but collectors approach this area in a measured and selective way. The days of throwing money aimlessly at rare coins are over. Information is more accessible than ever, and with the advent of the internet as a viable rare coin marketplace, those dealers trying to sell coins with an edge or an angle are gasping for air. All of these phenomenons were evident at the ANA. For dealers well stocked with collector coins at today's levels, none of these factors mattered. These were the folks that reported a great show and had smiles on their face from start to finish. The bottom line was that both collectors and dealers alike came to Chicago with the goal of trading coins. As has been the case at coin shows for the last several years, some dealers figured it out and some didn't.

The Reeded Edge had one of their best ANA Shows ever, due in no small part to our consorted effort to cater to the collector while remaining price sensitive to current market conditions. In all, Rob and Robbie conducted just south of 3/4 of a million dollars worth of numismatic business. Equally encouraging was the fact that The Reeded Edge's business was split almost equally between purchases and sales. What this means is that you will see an unprecedented number of new coins emerging on our webstore throughout the week. Included with our ANA newps are many fresh coins back from grading at PCGS. Summer is not normally an exciting time in the rare coin business. But, this summer has been, and remains, different than most. The ANA, once again, affirmed that the coin market is alive and well, and in certain respects, firing on all cylinders. That is, provided, that your rare coin operation runs like a Mercedes and not an Edsel!

Included amongst our ANA new purchases are a wonderful group of PCGS-certified type spanning early copper to 20th century silver. Also worth mentioning is one of our largest groups of better-date dollars that we have had in quite some time. As most of you are probably aware, we recently purchased a world-class foreign collection. Some of the better pieces were sent to NGC for grading. We are happy to report that these pieces have finally come back to us, and now are available for your consideration. Also, hundreds of world coins are exclusively listed on our eBay store, so please check there, as well. Finally, a small but important group of U.S. gold coins round out our show purchases. Due to both the scope and variety of all of these new coins, we suggest that you check our New Store Items page often throughout the week.

As we alluded to above, this summer has been unusually active. Business, although not always outwardly obvious, has been both consistent and steady. Sales have spanned coins and currency at all price points. Better date Morgans are still enjoying their day in the sun, both figuratively and literally. Key-date collector coins also seem to be experiencing a renaissance. As we have been noting for some time, better date dollars are still not coming out of the woodwork. If the market were to soften in this area, we would be seeing multiples of semi-key and key date dollars entering the marketplace, but this simply has not been the case. As a market maker in this segment of the numismatic market, this trend is concerning, especially from a buying standpoint. As a seller, this trend is both good and bad; the good being that demand hasn't waned and bad from the standpoint that there isn't more product in the marketplace for us to sell. It is easy to forget how popular this series is, a fact we are not losing sight of even during these historically slower summer months.

The Reeded Edge remains serious about doing two-way business. Whether you're buying rare coins, selling rare coins, buying or selling gold or silver, or perhaps in the market for vintage toys or collectibles, few rare coin and collectibles firms have a greater presence in the marketplace than The Reeded Edge. Our open checkbook policy means that we want to buy anything from a valuable single item to an entire estate or collection. No deal is EVER too large, and we hate to say no. At The Reeded Edge, we really want to be your go-to rare coin dealer.

Please feel free to call our offices during normal business hours @ 301-724-0400, Robbie's cell after-hours @ 301-876-1332 or Rob's cell after-hours @ 240-422-0118 to discuss any matter of business or just tell us how we're doing. And of course, stay tuned for more great coins, along with further details of upcoming coin shows.

The Reeded Edge Launches our 4th Annual Toys for Kids Day with The Salvation Army

December 11, 2014 - This has been a successful year for our company. All of the hard work, both here in the office and on the road, paid dividends with record sales figures. But, it is sometimes easy to get caught up in these personal successes, and forget that there are many amongst us that are far less fortunate. The holidays provide us with the opportunity to give a little something back. The Reeded Edge, once again this year, teamed up with The Salvation Army to sponsor our annual Christmas toy drive. Today's event allowed us to play Santa, handing out wrapped toys to over 40 local grade-school children. The looks on their faces said it all! Perhaps, some of you reading this will be able to help somebody less fortunate this holiday season, as well; from our standpoint, there is no greater reward.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Stolen Coin From the Baltimore Coin Show

September 9, 2014 - The Reeded Edge had a 1927-S Buffalo Nickel, PCGS MS-64, #3962.64/30179690 stolen at July 8th's Whitman Baltimore Coin Show. The coin is a golden white with nice luster and relatively clean surfaces. Originally purchased out of the Heritage June Long Beach auction, this piece is well archived, complete with high resolution photographs. It has a few very distinctive markings, and would be easy to identify in or out of its original holder. A "no questions asked" reward is being offered for its return. Any help from our customers or fellow dealers in recovering this coin is greatly appreciated.

Approval Service Available to Reeded Edge Customers

April 7, 2014 - As you peruse our webstore, you may notice ON HOLD next to the listing of a particular coin. This, amongst other things, could indicate that the coin is out ON APPROVAL to one of our customers. This allows the customer to examine the coin before making payment. For our well established clients, approvals are a preferred way of conducting business. For those not familiar with an approval service, here is how it works: The first step is to build a business relationship with us or any other recognized rare coin firm. If your previous business is with other firms, we ask you to provide three different credit references of dealers that have extended you credit in the immediate past. If your business is in-house, we will evaluate the nature, frequency and dollar amount of your business, and make a credit decision accordingly. Once established, you may use this privilege indefinitely. This gives you the ability to get the coin in-hand, examine it in the privacy of your own home and/or office for 24 hours, and then make your buying decision. This is a great option, and one that MANY of our regular customers take advantage of. Please also note, our approval service is not just for coins. It extends to any item on the webstore with a retail value of $1000.00 or more, including currency, vintage toys, political items, documents & autographs, exonumia and stamps. Please call our offices @ 301-724-0400, Rob on his cell @ 240-422-0118 or Robbie on his cell @ 301-876-1332 to discuss this service further.


July 5, 2014 - Yesterday, I was pondering the fact that our country turned 238 years old. The United States is the oldest westernized democracy in modern history. We are an enigma in many ways, but perhaps the most poignant thing that resonated with me was the fact that we are getting stronger with age. In our younger years, we were constantly challenged. Through history we have had to continue to fight and defend our position, proving time and time again that we were worthy of our status in the world pecking order.

Thirty seven years ago, I conceived the idea of The Reeded Edge. We were going to be a coin dealer that catered to servicing local customers through trade shows one or two weekends per month. It didn't take long for me to figure out that with hard work and persistence, that there just might be a career potential with this business. But figuring something out and actually taking action are two different matters entirely. It took me another twelve years to make the commitment, and take The Reeded Edge into a full time venture. Since then, we too have had our challenges. But despite them (or perhaps, because of them), we have emerged stronger and better to become the company that you know today. To a great extent, the addition of Ray Hunt 15 years ago and Robbie Jenkins 8 years ago, have allowed for that growth. By taking us to the next step, from a technological and numismatic standpoint, we are now able to do things and service our customers in a way that we could not have done in our early years. Like our great nation, I would like to believe that we are on an upward path, solidifying our position in the numismatic arena.

July 4th made me realize that we as a nation have much to be thankful for, and we are lucky in so many ways. My business is no different. In fact, any organization is only as good as the sum total of its parts, and those parts are their people. I like to believe that I remind Ray and Robbie how important they are to our operation on a regular basis. You, our customers, comprise the other part of this group, and I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your loyalty, support and patronage. Without you, we could not be where we are today, a fact I never forget or take lightly.  

To all, a Happy Fourth of July holiday and thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rob Lehmann
The Reeded Edge, Inc.



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